About Us

Fame is a national centre for education in arts where we encourage, promote study and research in the fields of creative arts such as design, painting, photography and new media. Fostering the excellence of emerging and advancing art to create a more human world, it is a place where ideas are encouraged and cherished. The requirement is that the student should be dedicated and focused on his or her aim.
Fame is one such institute where we apply our personal experience to help our students to grow in the fields of art. Our aim is not to create skilled people, but to help creative people to enhance their vision.
We have designed basic and advanced courses for the students so that they can build a sound foundation in art and then progress to higher levels.
Fame curate group exhibitions in which artists of the same generation or similar thematic concerns or styles might be viewed in conjunction to asses contemporary trends. In this particular field, there are hundreds of great masters, as many of master and many more, who are unknown master of the field, original in their own, and creating space in their own field. It is with great pleasure that we carefully bring together and create a common platform for the artists across the country to celebrate the power of our visual idioms.

Director’s View

The multi-faceted Balwinder Tanwar, is an artist of great repute and an art educationist, who has been a part of the art-education since for more than two decades. Her creativity was nurtured at a very early stage and flourished at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, where she completed her BFA & MFA.
She has been involved in the conceptualization and dissemination of artistic and aesthetic sensibilities at several premier institutions. She has widely exhibited and traveled. Her presence is contagious, inspiring and enriching by huge repertoire of knowledge on art.
She believes art is in everyone, all you need is the right guidance to help you to develop your creative skills and discover your inner artist. There is an artistic side to everyone but unfortunately most people never get the opportunity to develop.
Here comes a FAME, Brainchild of her, where Art is a meant for showing your expressions, emotions and thoughts. Imagination has wings, moreover, when passion for arts gets a hand of right guidance, then the resulting artwork will be a great one. That is, when artistic attitude blends with innocent creativity, it gives a magnificent artwork. So her aim is to provide education and training to students on a wide spectrum of Fine Arts. FAME teaches its students realistic, Conceptual as well as abstract style which helps in strengthening confidence.


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